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The Douala city mayor Dr Roger Mbassa Ndine yesterday evening invited la crème de la crème of city’s journalists for a press dinner


de la crème of city’s journalists for a press dinner in the Douala 4 council party hall in Bonassam for a convivial and franc exchange. The two parties had a critical look on how the economic capital is evolving. The city mayor believes that for a good evolution of his work in the city, he needs to carry the press along.

In his speech, Dr Mbassa Ndine said the whole authority of the city counts on the media to sensitize the population on the fight against the global pandemic Covid-19 and urban disorder in all its forms. It was in that vein that the city council organized a vaccination campaign against covid not forgetting the creation of the council police.

In the desire to open the city of Douala to the world, the City council has built a website, where all information about the city will be got. He announced to the pressmen and women present in the dinner that a recreational arear has been built in the STADE CICAM (cite sic) with the part the collaboration of the Cameroon Football Federation, where people will gather to watch football and enjoy themselves during and after the AFCON.

On why the city of Douala was not decorated despite the closeness of the continental football competition, Dr Ndine answered that despite his position at the helm of the city Council  decorating the city for the AFCON does not depend on him but on the ministry of sport and AFCON organising committee. But he underlined that it will soon be done.

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